Jun 18 2011

Useful Info And Comparison Shopping Trends To Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco (Officially known as Acapulco de Juarez) is a major sea port in Guerrero state in the Pacific coast of Mexico. Acapulco is 190 miles southwest of Mexico City and is located on a scenic bay. Acapulco name comes from the Nahuatl language and means “place of big reeds”.

Below you will discover a list of things you can do and attractions, as well as travel statistics on comparison shopping, vacation planning and themes, and some lodging choices.

Beautiful beaches, exciting night life and historical attractions characterize Acapulco providing travelers with unlimited things to do. Watching cliff divers, waterparks and antique squares can be enjoyed in this exceptional city by those who decide to book an Acapulco resort.

Most of the beaches of Acapulco are in the scenic bay area fronting the main boulevard “La Costera”. All the Acapulco’s beaches offer tranquil settings, perfect for water sports and activities such as riding a banana. The most famous beaches include Icacos, Condesa, Hornos and Caleta. Numerous fine and luxurious Acapulco hotels can be found at the beach.

Nestled along the bay of Acapulco, CiCi Waterpark is a fun-filled family place offering great wave pools, toboggan, water attractions and a Skycoaster. One of the biggest attractions of the park is a hot air balloon that allows travelers to admire Acapulco from above. Swimming with dolphins program is also very popular.

Zocalo is a traditional Mexican town square. Those who are looking for a very authentic mexican experience need to visit the Zocalo. It’s an amazing location to people watch that also has many local shops at excellent and cheap prices.

Pie de la Cuesta is a small beach resort town in the Mexican state of Guerrero, approximately 5 miles north-west of Acapulco. It is a pretty old beach town with some amazing guesthouses and seafood eateries. But it’s the breathtaking sunset views from the wide, west-facing beach that have made Pie de la Cuesta very well known. So don’t miss it!!

The beautiful port of Acapulco is populated with different lodging alternatives that visiting travelers want to evaluate and compare. Rentalo’s studies show 75% percent of the travelers inquiring for Acapulco vacation rentals showed an interest in comparing offers from other accommodation types like hotels and bed and breakfasts in nearby Rosarito.

A travel website research shows that those who like to begin their trip organizing  three or more months prior to their arrival to their Acapulco lodging represented the 45.6 percent of the inquiries looking for a place to stay. Those traditional travelers who sent their inquiries one to two months in advance from their arrival date represented the 21.5 percent. Typical vacationers who like to wait until the last moment to inquire for a place to stay represented the 29.6 percent.

According to a survey released by an online directory of vacation rentals, the most searched vacation topic for Acapulco is groups trip. Those looking for lodging in Acapulco for more than four individuals represented the 49.8 percent. Families with kids represented the 29.1 percent, while romantic couples looking for a special place to stay for just two were the 30 percent.}

In these troubled economic times, most travelers are looking for comparison shopping among different lodging solutions  before determine where to stay.

As an example, beneath there are 2 outstanding deals to evaluate:

Acapulco Mexico Vacation Home: Acapulco Las Ardillas is an ideal destination for the sun and sea lovers, who are also looking for privacy and rest, in a natural environment. Sparkling sea and a spectacular view over the ocean, surrounded by the sounds of nature, await for you at Las Ardillas. A holistic experience in a tropical paradise.This Acapulco vacation home is an ideal place to rest the body, to free the mind and relax the senses. It is unique, away from everywhere. With perfect climate, and a great location, at only a ten minutes distance from Acapulco downtown, La Quebrada and ten minutes to Pie de la Cuesta beaches. It is a hidden paradise, where visitors have the feeling of being apart from everyday stress. For more information and pictures, please visit rentalo.com, property ID#174368.

Acapulco Mexico Vacation House: This Magnificent, luxuriously appointed Italian mansion. Italian villa .Voted one of the most beautiful homes of Acapulco. Featured in many publications; a favourite to famous celebrities for its Privacy, & beauty…. the only home Chateaux & Relais home near all the In places. located in ACAPULCO DIAMANTE, THE NEW ACAPULCO. Mid way between the New Acapulco and Traditional Acapulco , near all the best beaches & airport. CHATEAUX & RELAIS property ” private home boasting magnificent architecture; a true work of art ! For those accustomed to the very Best.Ideal for Corporate groups, families wishing superb accommodations in a Private ‘home/mansion/villa, near to all the’ IN areas of Acapulco , best beaches, beautiful pristine views & The Perfect WEDDING scenario! For more info and photos, please log into property ID#34751 at rentalo.com.

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