Cottage Grove

Cottage Grove & Shady Acres


Two rapidly evolving, close-in communities Shady Acres and Cottage Grove have come alive with growth and improvement in the last five years. Passing through these two neighborhoods, it’s clear how this area is in a whirlwind of development on every neighborhood street with new two construction emerging block after block.These two communities are situated just west of the historic Houston Heights and due east of the Lazybrook/TImbergrove Superneighborhood. Shady Acres is in the midst of a gentrification boom common in many inner loop neighborhoods where location is a major advantage but homes are up in age. While some homes are seeing renovations, many homes are completely new construction or even condominium buildings. Housing options are majorally single family 3 or 4 bedroom homes listed between the mid 100s up to the upper 300s.
Cottage Grove was originally its own independent city that, today, features vintage cottage homes, newly constructed condominiums and townhomes, and emerging businesses. HISD’s Stevenson Elementary in the center of Cottage Grove has earned an academically-recognized status. 11th Street park, Memorial Park, numerous retail shops & boutiques, and world class restaurants are found in and around Cottage Grove.